from Toni Shuman, Secondary Principal


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  • Order your announcements and other senior tokens from anyone you wish
  • You must order your cap and gown from Herff-Jones. In the packet you have been given, see Item #4. Identify yourself as male or female and provide your weight and your height in the shoes you will wear at graduation. Ladies, I do NOT recommend spike heels. The steps leading to the stage and the stage itself can be slippery for those not accustomed to walking in very high heels. Don’t be “that girl” who slipped and fell.
  • Orders made on January 25 at lunch will be delivered to FBCA and given to you.
  • Anyone who doesn’t place an order that day will be responsible for making the order online. If there is a problem and it comes through us, we can help solve it. If you wait and order late, you are on your own.
  • Only students with the appropriate cap and gown will be allowed to walk at graduation, so do it!

DIPLOMA NAME SELECTION FORM – due to me by January 25.

SENIOR AD – If you purchased an ad this fall, your picture and message are due March 3.


  • Up to 5 pictures for the senior slide show at graduation.
  • Begin with a baby/toddler picture and show age progression through the senior year.
  • Send pictures to Jin Muller at jin.muller@fbcatx.org or send her a link to Shutterfly or wherever they may be accessed.
  • As a last resort, you may send prints which we will scan, but understand that the quality of the picture for the slide show is compromised this way.
  • Ladies, be cautious in the pictures you choose. Avoid a shot that includes cleavage. It is exaggerated when it goes on the big screen and it will be pulled
  • Firm deadline of April 13 for submission.


  • You need a short version for reading at senior chapel & graduation. This is called your Stage Presentation Bio and has 100 word maximum. I really mean 100 words and not 101. Send me a Word document so I can use “word count” and edit with ease.
  • You need a longer version for printing in programs. This is your Program Bio. It has a maximum of 320-350 words depending on paragraph spacing. Send it to me in a Word document so I can use “word count” and edit with ease. I won’t be as much of a “Nazi” on word count for this one, but it does need to be close.
  • Your bio may include accomplishments (including those unrelated to FBCA), hobbies, scholarships and college plans, career goals, scripture, thank you, top memory, etc.
  • Write in third person. “Suzy Q. will attend XYZ University in the fall to pursue a degree in basket weaving.” NOT “I will attend….”
  • I will add anything of importance to your program bio if it happens during May. For example, if you are named to an all-state team, are Miss FBCA, win the PIA Scholarship, etc.
  • Due April 28!!! Do not be late.

DUAL CREDIT – Last day for SJC finals is May 11.


  • May 17 in the Grace Center at 8:15 a.m.
  • It will be followed by a reception for seniors and their families.
  • At this reception the winners of the PIA scholarships will be announced. Valedictorian and Salutatorian will be announced. Your Stage Presentation Bio will be read.
  • Seniors who wish to sing or speak must talk to Mr. Fogg by May 3. No “I leave my dirty socks to …”, but encouraging or spiritual messages are appropriate.


  • May 18 in the Grace Center. Time will be announced by Athletic Office at later date.
  • If softball or baseball teams are in playoffs or awaiting state awards, their recognition may be held until the Academic Banquet.


  • Wayne Teutsch Booster Club Scholarship – applications available from Athletic Office in February – due March 31
  • PIA Scholarship – applications available from Mrs. Hicks in February – due April 28. I’ll send your transcript directly to the PIA officers, but you must let me know you need it by April 26 so I can add you to my list and get it done in time for her deadline. (Note: If you are not responsible enough to request your transcript on time, you may not be the best candidate for the award.)


  • This is required practice – Tuesday, May 23, 3:00 – 4:00. Meet me in E150 (downstairs between stairs and the couch area in the North Commons of the church.)


  • End-of-year party (HS only) - Wednesday, May 24, 11:45-12:15.


  • Thursday, May 25, 7 pm, at the Sterling Banquet Hall in Pasadena.
  • Applies to all FBCA students AND their dates. Don’t turn a fun event into a discipline issue or one that causes embarrassment to you or your date.
  • Guys: clean shave (non-FBCA, see me); dress shoes or boots; minimum of slacks, dress shirt and tie up to suit or tux
  • Girls: 1 or 2 straps; nothing backless; either full length, tea length, or no more than 3 inches above the back of your knee
  • Senior Tables are for seniors and their dates. You may not invite a friend to come sit with you.

GRADUATION – Friday, May 26

  • Graduation is not automatic. Remember that passing all required courses and accumulating 26 credits within the prescribed areas of study (math, fine arts, etc.) is necessary. Students without the required credits will not participate in graduation or the reception.
  • Arrive in E150 no later than 6:30 PM – There will be pre-graduation pictures and you don’t want to be left out.
  • Robes, Hats, and don’t forget your tassel! Robes should be ironed (put a damp towel between the iron and the robe so you don’t burn it) before graduation.
  • Guys: Clean shave and FBCA haircut; dress shirt and tie; dress shoes or boots
  • Girls: Dress of appropriate FBCA length and modesty; shoes you can walk up stone steps onto a wooden floor – no tennis shoes or flip flops, but may be sandals. There is a little tape in collar that goes with your gown, wear it or bring it and I’ll help you get it set up.


  • In Worship Center Commons Area
  • Immediately following the hat toss by the bell tower
  • 80” round tables will be set up in the Commons for each graduate – first come, first claim for decorating.
  • If you want to use an FBCA tablecloth, make a reservation with Mrs. Hicks.


  • A final transcript includes your spring semester classes. There is no reason to request an additional submission in mid spring. You will receive requests from your university saying you need to submit your transcript – if you’ve already sent one and been accepted, the one they now want is the post-graduation final transcript.
  • All accounts must be paid in full before a final transcript is issued.
  • You will receive a form to sign in May telling me where to send it. If you change your mind, put it in writing and bring it by the office or send me an email.
  • These transcripts generally are mailed in mid-June, but don’t worry that shouldn’t cause you any problems. You will receive a confirmation email from my office when it is sent.
  • Remember that your acceptance into any college or university is dependent upon their receipt of this final transcript. You can’t start school without it. Students who are currently enrolled at San Jacinto as a dual credit study must have a final transcript to enroll for classes after you graduate.
  • Don’t forget to request a transcript from Colorado Christian University if you took dual credit classes through them this year.


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