Trends and fashions vary from one year to the next and significant advertising pressure is focused on young people to adopt the latest fad.  Sometimes, even Christian young people can be caught up in styles that represent philosophies and lifestyles that are not Christ-like.


Because we are more concerned about matters of the heart than outward appearance, we have chosen to require specific uniforms for all students enrolled at FBCA. Our goal is to keep the focus on the child, not the clothing. These uniforms are to be purchased from our school designated supplier.  Uniform specifics can be found at the end of this handbook.  The Dress Code is designed for these purposes:

  • To train students to dress in a conservative, traditional, and modest fashion.
  • To create a positive disciplined environment in the school.
  • To assist students in concentrating on academic achievement rather than on clothing competition.
  • To eliminate immodest or inappropriate fashions.
  • To help reduce peer pressure.
  • To help parents and students with financial stewardship.
  • To create a positive image in the community.
  • To provide an opportunity to show and teach respect for authority.


The cooperation of the student and parent is necessary in maintaining the standards of the dress code.  A student’s appearance is a family responsibility.  Therefore, any actions taken by FBCA to enforce the dress code will be primarily directed toward the parent, even though such action will impact the student himself.


Dress Code Compliance:  Dress code compliance is about attitude. We believe that dress standards will be required throughout life. It is our goal to teach compliance and encourage cooperation because it simply is the right and appropriate course of behavior. Students who “fight” the system are learning habits which will have negative outcomes on into adulthood. Therefore, dress code violations will be addressed as noted in the Conduct System.


Free Dress Days:  On “free dress” days students should wear clothes that maintain modesty.  Shirts must have sleeves, cover the midriff area and show no cleavage.  Shorts and skirts should not be shorter than 3 inches above the crease of the back of the knee.  Shoes should follow the regular uniform guidelines with the exception that flip flops may be worn.  Pants/jeans should follow regular guidelines and not be too tight or have holes.  Pajamas, sweats, and slippers are not permitted, but caps are allowed (facing forward).


Administration reserves the right to make the final decision concerning dress and hair codes on “free dress” days.


Students in grades 7-12 will have the option to purchase an Adidas polo shirt from the athletic department as they are available (This optional additional to the UNIFORM POLOS).  The colors offered will be red, white, and royal blue.  They will have the school logo and school name.  A sample will be available in the School Office.   (Click here for more detail)


The FBCA Administration was made aware that Parker School Uniform Company recently went out of business. We are currently exploring other uniform options and will communicate with you when a new uniform provider has been chosen. Students need to continue wearing their Parker uniforms. If you have uniform needs prior to this, please contact the school office.




FRIDAY Shirts/Hoodies

General Dress Code Guidelines

  • Shoes, backpacks, or lunch boxes may not display characters (i.e. Spiderman,  Cinderella).
  • Uniform items approved for FBCA may be worn interchangeably Monday-Friday. Blue jeans (denim shorts or skirts) are permitted for Friday along with any FBCA shirt.
  • Hair must be:
  • styled in a socially acceptable manner with no extremes in cut, style, or color (i.e. blue, green, pink);
  • students may not wear spiked hair that is more than 1 inch long.
  • Boy’s hair should not hang over the top of the eyebrows, ears or the top of a collared shirt; neat, clean and well-groomed;
  • Moderate make-up and artificial nails are allowed for girls in 7th grade and
  • Jewelry: ◦Girls may not wear more than 2 earrings per ear.
  • Earrings are not permitted for boys.
  • Body piercing, tattoos and gages are not permitted.
  • Bizarre styles, fads, badges, pins, emblems, hairstyles, etc. which are calculated to call attention to the wearer are not permitted.  Hats should not be worn inside buildings.
  • Boys must be clean shaven.  Boys will be asked to shave if they come to school with facial hair.  Sideburns should be no longer than the bottom of the ear.
  • Modesty is required at all times.


General Uniform Guidelines-Girls and Boys


All regular uniform  .

  • Shoes, belts, socks, tights, hose, and jeans may be purchased elsewhere.
  • Pants must be properly fitted; baggy, frayed, or ragged pants are not permitted.
  • Jeans must be solid blue or black regular denim jeans or long denim shorts.  No other slacks or shorts are permitted.  Baggy or frayed and ragged jeans, and jeans with designs, writing, stains, holes, or patches, are not permitted.
  • Friday shirts, windbreakers, hoodies and sweatshirts may be ordered through the school.
  • Tights: navy blue, red, hunter green, black, or white – no other colored tights are allowed. Leggings should be a neutral color with no lace.
  • Hair bows, headbands and barrettes are not required but may be worn.
  • Shorts, jumpers, skorts, and skirts should not be more than 3 inches above the crease of the knee.  All of these garments should be hemmed and not frayed.
  • Shoes do not have to be a solid color as long as they are not distracting. Character shoes, sandals, open toe or heel shoes, or shoes with distractions such as lights, wheels, or superhero characters, are not acceptable.  Boots are permissible for high school students.
  • Socks:  solid color navy, red, hunter green, white, black, or khaki.
  • T-shirts worn under uniform shirts should be solid color with no writing.
  • While in school, students may only wear  school designated uniform, sweaters, FBCA windbreakers - elementary, FBCA navy jackets, or FBCA hoodies.  During cold weather, a heavy coat or jacket may be worn to and from school but not while school is in session.
  • Returning students are to be in correct uniform on the 1st day of school.
  • New students must be in uniform within one week of acceptance


      Click here for PK3 - PK4 Dress code


Kindergarten thru 6th grade dress code information can be found in the elementary handbook.


7th - 12th Boy’s Uniform (Regular Uniform from – Monday - Thursday)

  • Polo shirt – red, green or navy, short or long-sleeved
  • Navy or Khaki twill slacks or walking shorts
  • Belts must be navy, black, or brown standard belts.
  • Athletic shoes required for junior high -see General Uniform Guidelines
  • Socks: solid color white, navy, or black


7th - 12th Boy’s Uniform (Friday & Field Trip Uniform)

  • Any FBCA T-Shirt, FBCA sweatshirt, or FBCA hoodie
  • No other t-shirt, sweatshirt, slacks or shorts are permitted.
  • Solid blue regular denim jeans or long denim shorts. Baggy, frayed or ragged jeans, bell bottoms, and jeans with designs, writing, holes, or patches, are not permitted.
  • Belt
  • Athletic shoes required for junior high - see General Uniform Guidelines
  • Socks: solid color white, navy, or black


7th-12th Grade Girl’s Uniform (Regular Uniform– Monday - Thursday)

  • Polo shirt – red, green or navy, short or long-sleeved
  • Blouse – white oxford – long or short sleeved
  • Pants or Capris - navy or khaki twill
  • Walking shorts/Culottes -plaid, navy or khaki
  • Skirt – navy or khaki
  • Belts must be navy, black, or brown standard belts.
  • Shoes – see general guidelines


7th - 12th Girl’s Uniform (Friday & Field Trip Uniform)

  • Any FBCA t-shirt, FBCA sweatshirt, or FBCA hoodie  (Click here to purchase Hoodies and additional T-shirts or contact Booster Club)
  • Solid blue denim jeans or long denim shorts or capris (not too tight).  No other t-shirt, slacks or shorts are permitted.  Baggy, frayed or ragged jeans, bell bottoms, and jeans with designs, writing, holes, or patches, are not permitted
  • Belts must be navy, black, or brown standard belts.
  • Athletic shoes – See General Uniform Guidelines
  • Socks:  solid color white, navy, red, black, or hunter green



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